Old High Shield Cottage
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Old High Shield Cottage, Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland

Old High Shield Cottage is a spacious single storey building that provides self-catered accommodation for two people. The cottage offers visitors exceptional views and easy access to many remarkable attractions.

Local written records provide evidence that there was a working farm on the site in the late 1700s. While archaeological evidence of a medieval stacking stand and aerial photography hinting at the remains of two earlier dwellings suggest earlier activity on the site. However, the site was abandoned in the 1930s with buildings irregularly used as a byre. In 1994 the property was restored to the condition that it is in today.

The cottage is located half way along Hadrian’s Wall, lying half a mile south of where the wall crosses the Pennines near Rapishaw Gap. This stretch of the Wall follows the natural line of the Whin Sill, a dramatic escarpment of ancient igneous rock. Many of the Wall’s most iconic sites are found within easy walking distance of the cottage. From the cottage you can walk north to Hadrian’s Wall or to the south to Vindolanda, the village of Bardon Mill and onto the river Tyne.

Getting to Old High Shield Cottage is easy. The cottage lies a few miles north of the A69 main and on the Roman military road. Regional train and bus services run to the local village of Bardon Mill and from there it is a 45 minute cross-country walk. In the summer, the 122AD Hadrian's Wall Bus runs from the local market town of Hexham along the B6318 Military Road to the Once Brewed Visitors Centre one mile west of the cottage.


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Log fire, spacious living area

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Old High Shield, Northumberlsnd UK
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